Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just as I Am

My Stamp Collecting interests center around Canada, United States Of America, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand. I have a personl Web Site describing my interests.

I also have an award winning Topical Collection Of Bridges On Stamps.

I also own and operate a Philatelic Auction Site. A site for Prince and Pauper alike.

My other interest is Woodworking on projects for the Grand Children


parkinlot said...

Hi Don,

This blogging thing is pretty neat. Thanks for the tips on modifying the side bars and footer. I thought I was missing something when I did the setup. My html skill are pretty limited but I figured it out.

Steve Davis said...

Don this blog stuff in real neat. I have posted a link to Members Blogs in the Links area. Also posted a message publizing the idea in the US Specialized Group.

Not sure how many others will read this stuff but great place to let our egos hang out.

Talk to you soon in the group